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 Model Catergories

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PostSubject: Model Catergories   Model Catergories I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 26, 2009 12:40 am

[b] There are so many different types of IMVU models out there. So which one are you? Maybe you're one simple girl who can be put into one catergory but chances are you have multilple catergories that fit so here is the run down of the catergories and some brief info on each.

Gothic Models
Those of you who tend to wear super pale skins, dark eye shadow and even darker clothing can go here. Gothic models are often used to pose for Vampire like attire as well as "Hot Topic" type clothing. If you find yourself wearing studded leather collars, skin tight black PVC clothing, Pale skins with blacks, greys and blood red makeup then you are probably a Goth Model.

Vintage Models
There are two types of Vintage models. One is the darker Vintage models who wear period style clothing and dress like the early century vampires. These are considered Goth Vintage Models. Then there are the Classic Vintage models who dress like ultra sexy 1940's pin up girls. If you find yourself wearing betty page style hair with beautiful red lipstick, sexy pumps and romper style swimwear then you are a Classic Vintage Model.

Girl Next Door Models
Those of you who tend to wear skins with nice pastel color makeup and wear simple long hair or pony tails while dressed in classic Ambercrombie & Fitch or Hollister clothing are most likely the Girl Next Door or "Preppy" Models. Nice jeans and simple tee's are what you perfer to be in, or cute summer dresses and flip flops. These are the best models for the younger style clothing on IMVU.

Punk/Emo Models
If you are rocking some bright pink hair with black nail polish and have converse on your avi right now then this is the model catergory for you. Alot of people confuse this with Goth but there is a very simple way to tell the difference. Goth models tend to stay in the Blacks, Greys and Blood red colors while Punk/Emo Models will definitly wear hot pink and lime green pants, hair and shirts. Punk models tend to always wear the most accessoreis stemming from multiple earings or bangles and cuffs. Of course you can't forget the chains either now can you.

Swimsuit Models

If you are ultra sexy and love to show off your body you are a Swimsuit Model. And please do not think the title of Swimsuit means you only walk around in a bathing suit. This is the model that wears as little as possible or clothing that shows off her body perfectly. Little tight dresses, Lingerie and so on. These models are the definition of SEXY. You should have an AP to be a great Swimsuit Model because you can get jobs GA members can't which means more of you being shown off to the IMVU community.




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Model Catergories
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