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 Serena's Almost Free Avi Pics

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Serena's Almost Free Avi Pics Empty
PostSubject: Serena's Almost Free Avi Pics   Serena's Almost Free Avi Pics I_icon_minitimeSat May 02, 2009 5:10 pm

Serena's Shop Smile


Like a Star @ heaven Please be patient and don't rush me please.
Like a Star @ heaven Post baldies if you want hair drawn on.
Like a Star @ heaven Fill in the form.
Like a Star @ heaven Post only PNG files only.
Like a Star @ heaven Only screenshots, in a greenroom or something i can edit the background out of easy.
Like a Star @ heaven Pay after I'm done please.


Font(please post link):
Hair Enhancements Y/N:
Skin Enhancements Y/N:
Border style:


Avi pic (160x220)- 50 credits
Avi art(any size you want)- 100 credits
(prices are flexible)


(for my most recent edits look at my contest picture)
(more example to come when i find them)
Serena's Almost Free Avi Pics Ewewewre- did skin edits someone else did the hair.
Serena's Almost Free Avi Pics Rhglsrthlk-1- did everything in this one
Serena's Almost Free Avi Pics Fgdfgd- did the hair from scratch
Serena's Almost Free Avi Pics Dsflsdkfsdf- this is an older picture didn't do much to the hair

all money made in the next week goes to help my close friend with her imvu wedding, so please order Smile
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Serena's Almost Free Avi Pics
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